Why Do People Go to Recovery Centers Far from Home?

Distance and Recovery May Go Hand in Hand

At Fresh Start of California, we understand that detox and rehabilitation require clear intent, persistence, and an environment that supports recovery. The distance created in going to a recovery center far from home sometimes allows recovering addicts to have a better chance at success. When you are ready to start a new life, there are many things to consider in choosing a recovery center. A center far from home may be the best choice and the best chance in recovery.

The Orange County detox and rehabilitation specialists at Fresh Start of California are here to provide you with the support and professional help you need to recover from your addiction. If you need help in fighting your addiction, we are here for you.

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How Distance Offers Strength in Recovery

The Benefits of going to a detox and rehabilitation center far from home include:

  1. Removal and distance from a harmful environment. The rituals of addiction often involve the process of obtaining the drug, the environment in which one uses it, and the using itself. Distance cuts the superficial ties to the visual and environmental cues that are part of addiction.
  2. Privacy during treatment. Regardless of living in a small town or a big city, word can travel fast when it is negativity-based. Unfortunately, because not all intentions are good, words can cut deeply when someone is fresh to recovery. Distance provides anonymity and privacy so that it creates an environment of healing rather than gossip or sabotage.
  3. Less access to escape and exit. Being miles from home makes it difficult to have an easy escape when you want to give up. Distance forms a “buffer zone” between sticking with recovery and running from sobriety.
  4. Get away from toxic friends or family. Distance can remove access to potential threats to your sobriety including family or friends. Toxic relationships can fuel addiction or can be the link that ties an addict to their substance of choice. A change in setting allows you to see the relationships you have with more clarity and gives you the chance to break free from toxic connections.
  5. Peace, quiet, and time alone. Recovery is hard work, so you will need to be able to focus, reflect, and heal. This work requires zero distractions and less chance of being thrown off course. Distance provides the environment for the hard work of recovery.
  6. New perspective. The travel to get to distant recovery centers offers new scenery in which to fight and a new perspective in which to thrive. Distance, in the form of going to an out-of-town recovery center, allows addicts to see beyond the negativity and hopelessness that exists in addiction.

Is Our Facility Your Orange County Rehabilitation Center?

If you are seeking detox and rehabilitation options in Orange County, Fresh Start of California may be the place for you. Our detox and rehabilitation doctors, nurses, counselors, and mentors can work with you to create your ideal rehabilitation support program so that you can heal, grow, and be successful in recovery. Wherever you go, creating distance from your past self will be an integral part of your rehabilitation and recovery.

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The Power of Community in Recovery

Community Begins with Rehabilitation at Fresh Start of California

Recovery requires strength and courage to walk away from the friends, community, and family that you have been around all of your life. It asks you to begin anew and create a new set of friends, a new life, and a new community. Walking away from the past leaves a void, one that creates an opportunity for a new, healthier, stable community.

The community found in a supportive family, sober friends, and rehabilitation mentors is powerful. It provides the platform for stability and confidence in sobriety. At Fresh Start of California, our team of Orange County recovery professionals works with you to create a tailor-made recovery program. We understand that each patient needs a different community in which to thrive.

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The Opportunity in a Sober Community

Forming a community is a key component to a successful, long-term recovery from addiction. Although you have to detach from unhealthy, addiction-based relationships, recovery creates the opportunity for stronger relationships based on sobriety. This new community gives you the power to take on each new day knowing that you are supported by people who believe in you.

A recovery community provides an opportunity for:

  • Providing the “soul food” of giving back to those less fortunate. Helping those who are less fortunate has the power to warm the heart when you may be feeling weary.
  • Helping others who are new to recovery. As your time in sobriety passes, you can help others see the light that you once did not see. You may be the one person who can inspire change in a faltering addict.
  • Enjoying socializing again. You may feel very alone at the start of your recovery. Knowing that you have to leave old friends behind, or even family members may make socializing seem like a far-off dream. A sober community is a stable and safe place to spread your socializing wings again.
  • Developing a sense of purpose and belonging. You may find, once you uncover your true self from beneath addiction, that you have a purpose that makes you unique and amazing. Belonging to a community that has a spirit of gratitude is a very powerful thing.
  • Learning new skills. Rehabilitation and recovery change how time is spent, offering the opportunity to learn new skills, try new hobbies, and do new activities. In these times, you form bonds out of mutual excitement and curiosity.
  • Revealing commonalities. Community shows you that you are not alone, which can prove to be of great value if you are struggling or need an understanding ear to listen.
  • Offering examples of successful recovery. Mentors, sober counselors, and sponsors can give you hope when you have none of your own. Their success stories may be what you need to get through a rough patch.
  • Holding you accountable. Accountability to yourself and others may be something you did not worry about in active addiction. It also may be something some feel is a burden, but being accountable builds trust, character, and confidence as you walk through life.

Find Your Power in Sobriety

Fresh Start of California offers a different path to our patients than the one they know. Our Orange County detox and recovery teams provide individual and group therapies, counseling, inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation that can build a strong foundation for a sober life. We are here to support you in becoming the best version of yourself. One that is clear-minded, confident in decisions, and able to do anything that you put your mind to.

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