Andrew Milligan

Since August 2017, Andrew Milligan has served as a medical assistance and detox technician for Fresh Start of California’s addiction treatment team. His bright sense of humor, his ability to set healthy boundaries, and his bold presence help clients realize that sobriety is fun but requires diligent perseverance.

Andrew struggled with addiction for more than 10 years. This personal experience, though dark and treacherous, gives him the ability to relate to clients on a personal level. As a result, his goal is to help others achieve sobriety while pursuing a higher education.

When Andrew was asked what he liked most about his position at Fresh Start of California, Andrew responded, “The best part is seeing the light switch on in someone’s head. Clients that come in and want nothing to do with sobriety and leave with the wiliness to do the work— that is beautiful to me. I attribute everything good in my life to my sobriety and it is a blessing to be a part of other people’s journeys.”


  • RADT I (Registered Alcohol Drug Technician I Certification)
  • CMA (Certified Medical Assistant)


  • Concorde Career College