Kaylie Crane, CADC II

Kaylie Crane is a dedicated case manager with over six years of experience on Fresh Start of California’s Orange County addiction treatment team. With a compassionate and humorous approach, Kaylie brings a unique blend of creativity and positivity to her work, inspiring joy and hope in her clients. Her journey from addiction to sobriety fuels her passion for helping others find their own paths to recovery.

Having battled addiction for most of her life, Kaylie understands the struggles firsthand. She faced profound loss with the passing of both parents due to addiction and found herself in the grip of prescription painkillers by the age of 13. By her twenties, she had progressed to meth and heroin use, a destructive cycle that lasted for five years before she made the courageous decision to seek a fresh start.

Kaylie’s own experiences with detox and residential treatment shape her empathetic approach to case management. She holds a CADC II certification and is currently pursuing a degree in social work, driven by her desire to support others on their journeys to wellness.

Reflecting on her work, Kaylie finds immense fulfillment in witnessing the EPIC transformation of those she serves. “Seeing the light come on in others is the most beautiful thing in the world to me,” she says, highlighting the profound impact of her role in guiding individuals towards a life of sobriety and fulfillment.