Lacey Ursich

Lacey Ursich, CFO and Co-Owner of Fresh Start of California, is committed to battling the front lines of addiction. As an individual recovering from alcoholism, Lacey believes it is her duty to reciprocate the grace that was so easily given to her by others fighting the same battle. A vital component of Lacey’s counseling style is creating an environment dense with solution and hope.

Throughout her journey, Lacey has always held steadfast to the idea that “human connection” must be a focal point of recovery. It was with this concept in mind that Lacey realized she had the gift of making others feel valued even in the midst of their personal turmoil and hopelessness.

Her background in developing treatment programs is extensive as she has spent many years empowering treatment teams and directing various programs in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Bernardino County.

Lacey is also backed by an extensive education background, including:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies
  • Multiple-subject teaching credential
  • Certified Alcohol Drug Counselor (CADC)-I