Preston Durnford

As the President of Fresh Start of California, Preston Durnford brings passion, excitement, and adrenaline-filled adventures to the Orange County rehab and detox center. As a recovering heroin addict for more than 8 years, Preston empathizes with the addict and uses his personal experiences to connect with clients in a way that inspires sobriety.

Since founding Fresh Start of California with his brother, he has accomplished lifelong goals and has inspired those around him to do the same. Through his own journey in sobriety, he has discovered that all things are possible and obtainable if the spiritual side is exercised regularly.

When asked about his greatest joy in taking part in an addict or alcoholic’s journey toward sobriety, Preston responded:

“I love being part of something that helps people get back on their feet, helps them succeed, and repairs their families. These are all invaluable parts of my work here at Fresh Start of California. I would not trade it for anything in the world.”

Through FSC, Preston seeks to offer the gift he recovered through sobriety, another chance at a rad life.