12 Physical and Behavioral Signs of Drug Addiction

If you suspect a loved one is using drugs, it can be extremely difficult to process. You may undergo confusion as to what to do or how to pinpoint if the new symptoms suggest your loved one is suffering from drug addiction or not.

For this reason, our Orange County detox and residential treatment team has provided a list of signs and symptoms to help you determine if your friend or family member has a drug addiction and needs help. In this list, we will note both physical and behavioral signs.

Drug and alcohol addiction

Physical Signs of Drug Addiction

Physical signs are often the first indicators of drug addiction. Some of the most common symptoms include:

  1. Sleeping issues: difficulty sleeping, being awake at irregular times, falling asleep at irregular times
  2. Lethargy or excessive amounts of energy
  3. Loss of appetite or increase in appetite
  4. Pupils that appear irregularly smaller or larger
  5. Bloodshot eyes or watery eyes
  6. Odd body scent
  7. Slurred speech
  8. Tremors or decrease in coordination
  9. Sudden weight loss or weight gain
  10. Clenched jaw
  11. Decline in personal hygiene or grooming
  12. Paleness of the face or a flushed look

Behavioral/Psychological Signs of Drug Addiction

While physical symptoms can be the most obvious, it is important to look for behavioral signs of substance abuse as well. Below are some psychological symptoms of drug addiction:

  1. Extreme personality change that cannot be otherwise explained
  2. Change in attendance at school or work
  3. Change in participation or performance at school or work
  4. Sudden secretiveness
  5. Sudden change in hobbies
  6. Sudden change in groups of friends
  7. Defensive or combative attitudes
  8. Irritability or moodiness or sudden outbursts
  9. Dishonesty
  10. Anxiety or nervousness
  11. Paranoia
  12. Lack of interest in social interactions with friends and family

Of course, not all people who are using drugs will show the same symptoms, and some symptoms may worsen as drug usage grows. Typically, behavior becomes more severe as the person’s focus will increasingly shift to obtaining drugs or their next fix.

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