Fresh Start of California and Alumni Compete Together in The OC 5K

Our team at Fresh Start of California is passionate about we do and how we help. That’s why we form relationships with our clients that last a lifetime. This idea alone is what fuels our alumni program, Epic Transformations. Fresh Start of California at The OC 5K

In an effort to continue showing alumni their true strengths day in and day out, we challenged a few to run The OC 5K Run/Walk on May 4. The alumni were joined by Preston Durnford, co-owner of Fresh Start of California, and various staff members of the facility.

While the run was a challenge for all, the discipline it required only deepened the bond between our Orange County detox facility staff and the alumni of our programs. We are honored to be surrounded by such strong individuals, and we look forward to forming these strong lifelong friendships with each client that passes through our facility.

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If you are seeking an Orange County detox that will help you achieve sobriety and lifelong goals, reach out to our team at Fresh Start of California today. We will stand by your side through every part of the detox and residential program. Completing the programs is only the beginning. We seek forever friendships with our clients and push them to become the best they can while walking the path of sobriety.

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