Santa Ana Drug Treatment Centers

At FSC Detox, we provide people like you with the opportunity to turn their lives around. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance that few people in your position will ever get to see. Many victims of drug addiction resort to self-detox, making things worse for themselves. To avoid that, we invite you to our rehab facility, where you we offer safety, high-end treatment, and a warm welcoming.

Our Santa Ana drug treatment centers rank among the most proficient facilities in the business thanks to the modern amenities, luxurious setting, and highly-trained, friendly staff. We are experts in a business where we’re working with people every day and we make it seem easy, because we’re passionate about it. Our team's mission is to give you the chance of a new beginning.

Rebuilding your life

Contrary to popular belief, escaping drug addiction is by no means a breeze. We’re talking about a disorder with vast ramifications in fields like medicine, psychiatry, psychology, nutrition, social functioning, and healthy living. At our facility, all these disciplines have collided into one of the most effective rehab treatments in the industry.

Our treatment strategy relies on four critical stages:

Clinical detox and dual-diagnosis treatment – Our clinicians will prepare a personalized medication plan following the preliminary assessment. Depending on your condition, you may opt for residential or outpatient rehab. The goal of the detox program is to help you overcome the withdrawal, flush the toxins from your body, and stabilize your cognitive and emotional display. We also use medication to address co-occurring disorders that may interfere with your ability to recover.

Psychotherapeutic support and mental recovery – Our Santa Ana drug treatment centers promote the concept of long-term recovery. We believe that the rehabilitation treatment is a life-long endeavor and there are no shortcuts. To help you heal and ensure your sobriety over the years, we promote extensive therapeutic support during the treatment. We offer individual and group therapies, emotional healing, and plenty of recreative activities to heal the spirit and balance the mind. It’s all about regaining your love for people, nature, and life in general.

Lifestyle improvements – If you want to defeat addiction for good, you need to be prepared for sacrifices. This includes adopting a more nutritious diet, becoming more physically active, fix the issues with your loved ones, and adopt a more open and positive attitude. We’re here to support you in your effort of becoming the best person you can be.

Relapse prevention – It’s one thing to overcome addiction, it’s an entirely different thing to embrace a lifetime of sobriety. Our rehab program is, at its core, a test of maturity. You will learn to accept your faults, forgive yourself and others, and embrace your newfound freedom as a success and proof of your own strength. You are not a victim and only by accepting that will you be able to change your future!

Contact us, at FSC Detox, and visit our Santa Ana drug treatment centers! Let’s begin the treatment today!

Santa Ana Drug Treatment Centers
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