Dual Diagnosis

Orange County Dual Diagnosis Treatment

California Substance Abuse and Mental Health Disorder Treatment

Dual diagnosis, often referred to as “co-occurring disorders,” are common among individuals moving through recovery. At Fresh Start of California, we provide dual diagnosis treatment, which means we treat both substance abuse issues as well as mental health disorders by providing physical, emotional, social, and spiritual support. Over the years, we have developed a dynamic, fine-tuned approach that combines physical, emotional, social, and spiritual therapy to provide the highest opportunity for successful recovery.

Through our dual-diagnosis program, clients will have access to the following:

  • In-house licensed psychiatrist
  • In-house registered nurse
  • Psychotherapy
  • Mental health groups
  • Art therapy, yoga therapy, and more

Our dual diagnosis program in Orange County is designed to effectively treat patients in the shortest amount of time possible. Our team believes concurrently treating both mental health and addiction disorders is crucial to achieving long-term sobriety and overall health.

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What’s Included in Our California Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program?

A dual diagnosis treatment program, often referred to as a co-occurring capable program, addresses co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders through:

  • Policies and procedures
  • Assessment
  • Treatment planning
  • Program content
  • Discharge planning

Why is Dual Diagnosis Treatment Important?

Many clients who attempt traditional treatment relapse quickly due to underlying mental health conditions that go undiagnosed for the majority of their lives. Often, this leads to the development of unhealthy coping mechanisms such as alcohol and drug abuse.

In many cases, underlying chemical problems lead to or worsen with the presence of addiction. For this reason, those who suffer from various multiple disorders are unaffected by traditional treatment and must be cared for using a specialized treatment. Our California dual diagnosis treatment team targets both addiction and chemical and psychological concerns to provide all-inclusive care.

Some of the most common mental health disorders that occur alongside drug and alcohol addiction include:

  • Bipolar disorder
  • Schizophrenia
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Personality Disorders
  • Depression

How Common is A Dual Diagnosis?

Dual diagnoses are common. In fact, one source states that a mental health disorder is accompanied by drug or alcohol abuse in almost 80% of cases. While some clients may feel they are anomalous to have a dual diagnosis, they are actually part of the more common type of client. At Fresh Start of California, our California dual diagnosis treatment team provides a comprehensive approach to clients facing a dual diagnosis. At every step, we ensure every client’s total health is our utmost priority.

Why is Dual Diagnosis Common in Recovery?

In most cases, addiction accompanies a mental health disorder because the individual uses the dysfunctional coping mechanism, such as drug or alcohol addiction, to cope with the uncomfortable often painful mental illness.

How Do I Know if I Have a Dual Diagnosis?

When a client enters our Orange County detox or residential treatment programs, he or she undergoes an assessment for the possibility of having a dual diagnosis. If diagnosed, the client is given a more specialized treatment program as those with dual diagnosis must be treated at multiple dimensions to ensure a higher likelihood for success. Due to the complexity of such, many other treatment centers do not admit dual diagnosis clients. Our California addiction treatment center believes every person should have access to ultimate care and that is why we provide treatment plans for all types of clients.

What Causes Addiction and Mental Health Disorders?

Various factors contribute to the development of mental health and substance abuse issues, including brain chemistry, personality, and genetics. Additionally, it is extremely common for those suffering from mental health disorders to develop addictions and vice versa. As such, having the diagnosis of either a mental health disorder or a substance abuse issue can cause more severe issues later down the road. At Fresh Start of California, our dual diagnosis treatment team in Orange County, California works diligently to target each client’s issues and form a treatment plan based on their specific needs. By addressing both types of issues concurrently, clients have a greater chance of successful results.

What Other Issues Can Arise Due to Dual Diagnosis?

People who receive dual diagnoses often face additional health issues and diseases, often causing them to neglect other areas of their health. In addition, many who face dual diagnoses state their symptoms worsen and emotional health and social abilities become compromised. When a person experiences double the number of symptoms, it becomes increasingly difficult to relate to others. As a result, people with dual diagnoses often experience feelings of isolation, which tends to worsen overall mental health.

At Fresh Start of California, we are dedicated to helping our clients heal quickly the right way. In combination with various forms of therapy and our nurturing treatment team, we work diligently to provide a stable environment founded on understanding, support, and compassion.

Can Clients Receive Medication During Co-Occurring Treatment at Fresh Start of California?

Yes, our Orange County, California dual diagnosis treatment program provides medication and medication for clients who move through our dual diagnosis treatment program. In addition, our team will monitor through psychological assessment and consultation.

How is Dual Diagnosis Treatment Handled?

Our Orange County dual diagnosis treatment team is able to address the interaction between mental health disorders and substance use disorders through group therapy as well as individual therapy.

Can I Receive Treatment for ONLY Mental Health Issues without Substance Use Therapy?

No, at Fresh Start of California, the primary focus of our co-occurring capable program is to address addiction treatment first, then mental health issues.

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