We Specialize in Substance Abuse and Mental Health Disorder Treatment

At Fresh Start of California, we provide dual diagnosis treatment, which means we treat both substance abuse issues as well as mental health disorders. To ensure our clients receive top-tier treatment, we provide the following:

  • Access to an In-House Licensed Psychiatrist
  • Access to an In-House Registered Nurse
  • Psychotherapy (Twice per week)
  • Mental Health Groups

Our dual diagnosis program is designed to effectively treat patients in the shortest amount of time possible. Our team believes concurrently treating both mental health and addiction disorders is crucial to achieve long-term sobriety and overall health.

What Is Included in the Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program?

A dual diagnosis treatment program, often referred to as a co-occurring capable program, addresses co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders through:

  • Policies and procedures
  • Assessment
  • Treatment planning
  • Program content
  • Discharge planning

Can Clients Receive Medication During Co-Occurring Treatment at Fresh Start of California?

Yes, our California dual diagnosis treatment program provides medication and medication for clients who move through our dual diagnosis treatment program. In addition, our team will monitor through psychological assessment and consultation.

How is Dual Diagnosis Treatment Handled?

Our Orange County dual diagnosis treatment team is able to address the interaction between mental health disorders and substance use disorders through group therapy as well as individual therapy.

Can I Receive Treatment for ONLY Mental Health Issues without Substance Use Therapy?

No, at Fresh Start of California, the primary focus of our co-occurring capable program is to address addiction treatment first, then mental health issues. Clients are suggested to move through detox and residential treatment.

Ready to begin your journey to recovery and sobriety? Call our Orange County dual diagnosis treatment team at Fresh Start of California! We are here for you 24/7.