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At our drug and alcohol detox in Orange County, the first step in the journey to recovery is ridding the body of the drugs and alcohol – known as detoxification. This transition is a delicate one and so it is important to have the appropriate medical attention during this process. During the first few days or weeks of recovery, there is an extremely high risk of relapse due to:

    • Discomfort
    • Strong cravings
    • Emotional habits
    • Psychological habits

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With the help of our professional staff, our clients pass through this phase as safely and effectively as possible with the least amount of discomfort possible.

Why is detox so important?

Detoxification is the beginning of an addict’s journey to sobriety, and it is absolutely critical for long-lasting recovery. Addiction is both a physical and psychological disease that needs to be addressed through further treatment after detoxification. After detoxification, the recovery journey typically involves either a residential treatment or an outpatient program which will help facilitate a long-lasting recovery.

How long does detox take?

The detox process can vary depending on the individual. Some move through the process quickly, while others need longer assistance with medication.

Other detoxes tell me exactly how many days detox will take. Why can’t Fresh Start of California?

Every person is different, and we are here to treat the individual. There is no cookie-cutter way to get someone through detox. We believe our success rates are a result of the individualized treatment plans we offer.

What sets our detox process apart from the others?

Our facility is backed by a strong, result-driven clinical component. More importantly, our staff is truly invested in e­ach client’s success so clients and families can rest assured knowing each case is handled with love, compassion, and respect. We strongly believe that any person can move beyond withdrawals with medications, but it is with the help of a truly caring staff that individuals can reap permanent results.

What makes our detox program so successful?

As a smaller facility, we believe our individualized approach is key to our success rate. We provide treatment plans designed specifically to each person. Because many face underlying issues and deal with mental health issues, we offer access to a psychiatrist. If needed, we provide medication interventions as well.

What should clients know about detox?

Clients should be aware that they may not feel 100 percent even with medication assistance. Some people face a more difficult time than others while detoxing from illicit substances. Our goal is to help keep you comfortable and monitor your progress.

Are nurses or doctors standing by to help?

Our Orange County detox program has nurses on site 24/7. Nurses monitor vitals and withdrawal symptoms at all times. Clients also have access to the doctor 24/7.

Do you use medications to help patients detox?

Yes, there are standard medications used for detox; however, each patient is different. For this reason, we assess the client prior to discussing any medications to understand each client’s allergies and any other pertinent medical information needed to determine what will be best for the client.

How do I know if I need a medical detox?

You may experience withdrawal symptoms such as the following:

  • Whole body: shakiness, sweating, or loss of appetite
  • Behavioral: agitation, restlessness, or irritability
  • Gastrointestinal: nausea or vomiting
  • Mood: anxiety or nervousness
  • Others: fast heart rate, tremor, disorientation, headache, insomnia, or seizures

What is the difference between detox and rehab?

Detox focuses on breaking the physical dependency of drugs and alcohol. Rehab, also referred to as residential treatment, addresses the mental and emotional state of the addict. Participating in both detox and rehab often results in long-term/permanent results because the client is no longer physically, emotionally, or mentally dependent on drugs or alcohol.

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