The Power of Silence: Taking Time to Listen and Support

Irvine Detox and Rehabilitation Center

Residential Rehab at Fresh Start of California

Finding a team of rehabilitation and detox professionals that you can trust is crucial in a successful recovery. Treatment programs that are created with your specific needs in mind and choices for support and treatment help to build a proper foundation for sobriety. At Fresh Start of California, our Irvine detox and rehab teams will work with you to find confidence in sobriety and teach you the skills to be successful moving forward. The Irvine detox specialists provide medical support and supervision to ensure that you can overcome the physical hardships of recovery while the residential rehabilitation team offers support for emotional and mental hardships, as well.

We understand that recovery can be tough, but we know that our patients are tougher. You can count on the Irvine addiction team at Fresh Start of California to be there for you as you walk the path of recovery.

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