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FSC Detox invites you to join a life-changing rehab program today! We know you might be nervous about the whole situation. Most people suffering from advanced substance addiction fear the withdrawal and the intense discomfort during the cold turkey. It’s also unfortunate that those who’ve never participated in a professional rehab treatment share plenty of misconceptions about the industry.

We, the team at Santa Ana rehab facility, want to tackle these myths and give you a clearer insight into the process of rehab and post-treatment recovery. If you have never gone through a professional rehab treatment, here are some of the most common misconceptions circulating around:

The staff is unprofessional and disrespectfulFalse. Actually, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Many of our staff members are former victims of addiction themselves, so we know precisely the type of demons you’re fighting. We are a team of experts only interested in helping you heal and recover. We never judge anyone, and we treat all our patients with equal respect and consideration.

The detoxification process is painful Partially false. While it is true that the withdrawal stage can become extremely uncomfortable, it is also an argument in favor of our services. At our center, you will receive targeted medication and continuous support and care, ensuring the utmost comfort, along with as less pain as possible. The detox process is far less painful that most people make it out to be, especially when you have a team of professionals in charge.

Few and ineffective programsFalse. All the programs we’re using are certified and live up to the highest standards in the business. During our Santa Ana rehab program, you will participate in a holistic treatment that combines clinical procedures with psychotherapies and more modern spiritual rejuvenation activities. We treat patients holistically, offering physiological support and promoting introspection, positivity, and transformation.

Rehab facilities don’t aid with long-term sobrietyFalse. Our outpatient program is designed to help people adjust to their post-addiction life. We know that the relapse rates for both drug and alcohol addiction are high, which is why we offer comprehensive aftercare support following the treatment. Furthermore, during the residential rehab program, you will participate in extensive educational meetings and personal development courses. Our counselors will teach you all the key social and life skills you need to embrace a lifetime of sobriety, happiness, and personal accomplishment.

A unique opportunity

You have the chance to change your life right now. It is in your power to do it. All you need is courage and the determination to retake control over your destiny. Our Santa Ana rehab program saves lives every day, and it can definitely save yours as well.

Don’t fall for the numerous unwarranted myths about the industry that will merely take away your chance at salvation. Most victims of drug addiction only get professional help when their disease is already in advanced stages. Contact us, at FSC Detox, and act before getting there! We can’t wait to meet you!

Santa Ana Rehab
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