The Importance of Celebrating Small Victories in Sobriety

Celebrate Milestones to Keep Sobriety at the Mind’s Forefront

In life and recovery, the small moments are what keep us going when things get rough. Despite the culture in America of “win big” and “go big or go home,” daily goals and milestones are what will add up to reach our bigger goals. Whether you are new to recovery, are struggling with a risk of relapse, or are hoping to reinforce your sobriety, celebrating the “small” victories can help. Milestones mark progress towards a bigger or longer reaching goal, so they are an integral part of recovering from addiction as well as recovery in general.

When you need professional support in detox and recovery, call on the experts at Orange County’s Fresh Start of California. We are here to help you start a new life in sobriety. It is never too late.

Reach Daily Goals in Recovery with Fresh Start of California

Although detox and rehabilitation are major milestones and victories in the fight against addiction, at Fresh Start of California we understand that the push for constant progress can be exhausting. Small celebrations of victory may be just what you need to keep moving forward in your journey of sobriety.

How do small victories and celebrations help your recovery? 

  • Recognizing small milestones boosts confidence.
  • Celebrating small victories increases motivation to continue the fight against addiction.
  • Milestones reinforce the strength of your accomplished sobriety.
  • Small victories, when celebrated, help to take your focus off of the negative.

Ways to Celebrate Your Recovery Milestones and Victories

Once you are out on your own and no longer in a recovery facility, there are many ways to continue to reinforce the lessons you have learned. What are some ways to keep track of and celebrate your victories?

  • Write down anniversaries (weekly, monthly, yearly) to keep track of every day that you are victorious over addiction.
  • Recognize when you have reached a personal milestone and share it with others. Celebrate your victory, you are worthy of recognition.
  • Include supportive friends and family in your celebrations.
  • Choose rewards for yourself that match the size of your milestones. As the milestones get bigger, the rewards or celebrations can grow, as well.
  • Share your victories and milestones that you reach with others as a way to inspire and encourage them on their sober journey.

Fresh Start of California: Your Orange County Recovery Team

Sobriety seldom can be reached alone. If you are battling an addiction to drugs or alcohol, getting ahold of your life from the grips of a substance is a feat in itself. Victory begins the first day you decide to make a change and every day of resistance from there forward. When you choose to make a change, let the team of Orange County detox and rehabilitation specialists at Fresh Start of California be your guides. We understand that every person’s addiction story is different, and we can create an individual treatment plan that is fit to meet your individual needs.

Don’t let addiction win the battle for your life, take the power back and find allies at Fresh Start of California. We are here to work with you and start your journey to recovery.

Call Fresh Start of California today and claim your first win.

The Power of Silence: Taking Time to Listen and Support

Silence as a Form of Recovery Support: Listen and Learn

Communication is a two-way street but it is not uncommon for an addict to get nothing from those around them but being talked down to, yelled at, or told what they are doing wrong. As a supportive loved one, family member, or friend, we must listen, we must pause and offer our loved one the respectful gift of silence. We must place on-hold our need to fill the void of sound and allow the addict to express their needs first. Taking time to listen gives our loved ones a chance to release what is within, setting aside the judgment and allowing for vulnerability.

If your loved one needs support, or you are personally struggling with active addiction, the Orange County detox and rehabilitation specialists at Fresh Start of California can help. Call our team today for the support you need.

How Silence Can Help in Recovery

There are many ways in which sound can impact our wellbeing. Constant talking, noise, or sound can negatively impact our mental and emotional health. Contrastingly, quiet environments improve health and wellbeing, reduce the use of mind-altering drugs, and can help an addict find the space to share.

Other ways that sound can be involved in recovery support include: 

  • Noises can be triggering, negatively or positively. Sounds stick with you, such as guitar melodies, loud voices, screeching vehicles, or arguments. Silence and supportive listening help to reset the mind and create an opportunity for your loved one to create positive memories, associated with the sounds of their choice.
  • Release auditory stressors that may feel like torture for a recovering addict. Keep in mind that you do not know all of what your loved one has experienced in his or her addiction. Listen to them for cues to what kinds of conversations are comfortable and less stressful.
  • Silent presence may be exactly what your recovering loved one needs. Whether when we are sick or are working through difficult emotional or mental times, a loved one offering quiet presence is comforting. It may all our loved one needs to feel safe and to relax.
  • Silence promotes sleep. Sleep that is interrupted by noises or that is not in silence may be restless, which is not as healing. Being available, but leaving space for silence, is a wonderful way to support your recovering loved one.

Silence in a Medical Setting: Your Support at Fresh Start of California

At Fresh Start of California, it is our job to offer support in all aspects of detox and recovery. We are here to act as your counselors, your nurses, and doctors, and equally importantly, to hold space in silence for you. Our detox and recovery professionals understand the importance of silence in the medical setting as it allows our patients to express what they are feeling, physically, mentally, or emotionally. We also can implement and demonstrate silence through silent meditation or holding space for others in silence during a group setting.

For detox and rehabilitation options in Orange County, contact the team at Fresh Start of California. We are here to answer your call 24/7.