The Importance of Celebrating Small Victories in Sobriety

Celebrate Milestones to Keep Sobriety at the Mind’s Forefront

In life and recovery, the small moments are what keep us going when things get rough. Despite the culture in America of “win big” and “go big or go home,” daily goals and milestones are what will add up to reach our bigger goals. Whether you are new to recovery, are struggling with a risk of relapse, or are hoping to reinforce your sobriety, celebrating the “small” victories can help. Milestones mark progress towards a bigger or longer reaching goal, so they are an integral part of recovering from addiction as well as recovery in general.

When you need professional support in detox and recovery, call on the experts at Orange County’s Fresh Start of California. We are here to help you start a new life in sobriety. It is never too late.

Reach Daily Goals in Recovery with Fresh Start of California

Although detox and rehabilitation are major milestones and victories in the fight against addiction, at Fresh Start of California we understand that the push for constant progress can be exhausting. Small celebrations of victory may be just what you need to keep moving forward in your journey of sobriety.

How do small victories and celebrations help your recovery? 

  • Recognizing small milestones boosts confidence.
  • Celebrating small victories increases motivation to continue the fight against addiction.
  • Milestones reinforce the strength of your accomplished sobriety.
  • Small victories, when celebrated, help to take your focus off of the negative.

Ways to Celebrate Your Recovery Milestones and Victories

Once you are out on your own and no longer in a recovery facility, there are many ways to continue to reinforce the lessons you have learned. What are some ways to keep track of and celebrate your victories?

  • Write down anniversaries (weekly, monthly, yearly) to keep track of every day that you are victorious over addiction.
  • Recognize when you have reached a personal milestone and share it with others. Celebrate your victory, you are worthy of recognition.
  • Include supportive friends and family in your celebrations.
  • Choose rewards for yourself that match the size of your milestones. As the milestones get bigger, the rewards or celebrations can grow, as well.
  • Share your victories and milestones that you reach with others as a way to inspire and encourage them on their sober journey.

Fresh Start of California: Your Orange County Recovery Team

Sobriety seldom can be reached alone. If you are battling an addiction to drugs or alcohol, getting ahold of your life from the grips of a substance is a feat in itself. Victory begins the first day you decide to make a change and every day of resistance from there forward. When you choose to make a change, let the team of Orange County detox and rehabilitation specialists at Fresh Start of California be your guides. We understand that every person’s addiction story is different, and we can create an individual treatment plan that is fit to meet your individual needs.

Don’t let addiction win the battle for your life, take the power back and find allies at Fresh Start of California. We are here to work with you and start your journey to recovery.

Call Fresh Start of California today and claim your first win.

Tristan Hughes Surpasses 6 Months in Sobriety!

At 13 years old, Tristan began experimenting with marijuana, which then progressed to the consumption of LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide), shrooms, Xanax, and alcohol. Although he was experimenting with different drugs, Tristan remained a student-athlete, playing baseball through middle and high school. During high school, Tristan suffered an injury during baseball season. As a result, he was prescribed Percocet.

The journey of his addiction began, and Tristan began selling opioids. He was asked to leave the baseball team and suspended from school. But this was only the beginning. Tristan began to sever relations with his family and was soon completely consumed by addiction. Tristan’s drug dependence continued to grow, and it was not before long that he would try smoking heroin and meth, which then led to injecting heroin.

That’s when Tristan’s life took the hardest turn. He lost everything he had, including his friends and family. He was isolated and discontent with his life.

Tristan’s Turn for Help

In May 2018, Tristan attended a treatment center, but after only a month in sobriety, he left the treatment center, relapsed, and continued his downward spiral. Finally, Tristan decided to move to California where he would relapse more than 12 times.

Tristan was desperate for real help. He moved into Fresh Start of California where he went through both the detox and residential programs. This time around was different for Tristan. Through Fresh Start of California, he learned to enjoy life without the need for drugs or alcohol. He was inspired to work out, build friendships, and pursue adrenaline-rushing activities. He built life-long relationships with both Preston and Dustin Durnford, the owners of the California detox and residential facility. Tristan even stated:

Preston and Dustin have inspired me greatly. I knew I had to hang on and build strong relationships with them. Growing up I didn’t have anybody to look up to that thought like I did. Preston and Dustin get to know their clients and become part of their lives. They inspire each and every person that comes through the facility, and their energy is always positive. Things are done right at Fresh Start of California! My favorite part is that it felt like home when I was there.

The Highlight Reels of Tristan’s Accomplishments

When it comes to Tristan’s accomplishments, they are countless. As of now, for Tristan, every day is a constant progression and new day to enjoy life. He has set himself goals and visions and has created plans to accomplish them. In his words: “Life keeps getting better! I have my family back, strong relationships, great friends I care for, and much more.”

Now, Tristan works in admissions for a treatment center, which was one of his goals after he completed treatment at Fresh Start of California.

Another goal of his was to skydive, and he was able to accomplish just that with the help of Preston, who accompanied him as a celebration of Tristan’s sobriety and accomplishments. In doing so, Tristan states that he learned, “Life is not great always and has its challenges, but I know I can get through and learn something at the end of it!”

Special Thanks from Tristan
When asked who he would like to thank, Tristan immediately responded:

There are so many people that play a part in my success. Patrick, my sponsor, has been a major part of my growth. He understands the way I think, and I trust him 100%. He’s saved my life a couple times. I just really look up to him. Without him in the picture, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I am incredible grateful for my family, who supports me, and my many friends, who continue to stand by me.

A Special Thank-You to Fresh Start of California

Tristan remains grateful for all Fresh Start of California has done for him during recovery. He stated, “Fresh Start of California is the best because the people who work there truly care! I would like to say thank you to each and every person at the facility. Everyone played a part, and I seriously loved everyone there. They were amazing to me and rooted for me to keep going. They saw more in me than I could see in myself at the time. Words really don’t describe how special Fresh Start is to me.”

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction or is finding themselves in a similar position as Tristan, please reach out to our Orange County detox and residential treatment center. Call us today!

Jacklyn Pelloni Nears 6 Months of Sobriety

Jacklyn Pelloni at Skydive Elsinore

At just 12 years old, Jacklyn Pelloni tried her first opioid, a Roxicodone. During her seventh-grade year, she tried heroin. Around that same time, Jacklyn dipped into other drugs, like ecstasy and weed. Thirteen years old came around, and Jacklyn found herself smoking meth for the first time. She returned to smoking heroin by the age of 14. By 18 years old, she found herself in a deep state of addiction, now adding cocaine and injectables to the mix. Needless to say, Jacklyn was headed down a dark path of addiction, and it was time for a serious change.

Enough is Enough—Jacklyn Chases Sobriety

It was time for a change, and at 18 years old, Jacklyn went to Fresh Start of California to get the help and treatment she needed. It was there that seeds of sobriety were planted, and, for the first time, she didn’t feel alone. The treatment team began their work, but Jacklyn wasn’t ready just get. The years passed, and Jacklyn relapsed several times, each time returning to Fresh Start of California, a place she found peace and comfort from those around her. When asked about her experience at the facility, she responded:

Fresh Start was my sanctuary—where I could break down and scream without feeling judged. Every time I went and relapsed, those seeds had been watered whether I wanted them or not, and they were not going to allow me to live in that condition anymore. If it wasn’t for the treatment team at Fresh Start of California, Dustin, Preston, and Lindsay, I never would have had those seeds watered. I might not be sober.

Nearly 6 Months Sober

Now, Jacklyn has achieved over 171 days of sobriety (as of August 24) and has complete control of her life. She plans to continue fueling her passion as a makeup artist. In the future, she would like to become a drug and alcohol counselor to make the same impact that others have made on her. Her passion to help others has been fueled by the love, compassion, and care she received while receiving treatment herself.

Jacklyn states that the highlights of her sobriety have been establishing a relationship with God and finding her true identity. Now, she holds the world at her fingertips and lives fearlessly and fully capable of achieving all her goals.

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FSOCA Takes Alumni Skydiving to Celebrate Sobriety Milestones

At Fresh Start of California, we are passionate about celebrating victories, and in our eyes, there is no better victory than that of sobriety. So, how did we celebrate? On Sunday, August 4, Co-Founder Preston Durnford took a group of detox alumni, including Jacklyn Pelloni and Tristan Hughes, to skydive for the first time ever at Skydive Lake Elsinore. Alumni of Fresh Start of California About to Skydive

When asked about the significance behind skydiving with alumni clients, Preston stated:

I think skydiving is great in the beginning of a person’s new life in sobriety or anyone who is striving for a more fulfilling life in general. To push your mind and retrain it to do more exciting things rather than the same old miserable behaviors of their pasts—that’s the goal.

There is something amazing when the clients come and commit to jumping out of a plane with me, knowing I’m right there with them. For them to know that they have a lifelong friendship and bond with Fresh Start of California and that we are all putting in effort towards a more fulfilling and happy life—there just really isn’t anything like it.

While many of the alumni were nervous to jump out of a plane, each was more than thrilled to put it down in the books as one of the wildest rides. The most memorable part of it all was that each of the alumni was able to share their love for sobriety with one another. Where life was once a dark space, it is now filled with adrenaline-rushing and life-changing experiences. Together, and with the ongoing support of our Orange County addiction treatment team at Fresh Start of California, each of these individuals is able to embark on a journey of happiness, meaningfulness, and excitement.

Let’s celebrate life in sobriety together. Call Fresh Start of California at 833.852.3470 and speak with our Orange County detox and residential treatment team about getting help today! Fresh Start of California Alumni at Skydive Lake Elsinore

Jessica Barks Surpasses Over 20 Months Sober After Attending Our Orange County Detox and Residential

Jessica Barks’ struggle with addiction began at the age of 16 after she suffered the loss of her mother who was taken by cancer. The unbearable hurt she experienced caused her to turn to alcohol, marijuana, and later hallucinogens and benzos. Not long after, she turned to pills and heroin to mute out the demons in her head and the pain in her heart caused by the passing of her mom.Jessica Barks at Fresh Start of California

During her first attempt with heroin, Jessica overdosed. Despite her willingness to pass due to the emotional trauma she had been suffering, it was not her time to go. Her life was full of ample potential. Jessica recognized her hurt, pain, and struggle, and put herself in treatment at Fresh Start of California, ready to face her demons head-on.

Her Experience at our Orange County Detox

During her detox and residential treatment at our Orange County facility, Jessica gained clarity, peace of mind, and, more importantly, happiness. Her willingness to accept change allowed her to flourish. While at Fresh Start of California, Jessica enjoyed yoga, dinners out and about, trips to the beach used as a time and place for meditation, Friday morning harp sessions, and personalized and individualized treatment designed to help her achieve and maintain sobriety.

When asked what she enjoyed most about our Orange County detox, Jessica responded, “I loved that it was smaller, and I didn’t just feel like a number. I was a person with a future that they actually cared about!” Through our Orange County detox, Jessica learned that it is possible to have fun while being sober and that sobriety is the furthest thing from dull and boring.

Where Jessica is Now

Jessica’s official sobriety date is October 2, 2017, giving her more than 20 months free of drugs and alcohol. While in sobriety, Jessica has experienced many beautiful and amazing places and created irreplaceable memories that will last a lifetime. She no longer takes life for granted and takes full control of her life and happiness.

Since completing detox and residential at Fresh Start of California, Jessica has moved across the country, met her soulmate, and is now able to pursue the things she is most passionate about, including raising her beautiful 7-month-old baby boy. Now, her future is limitless.

The Highlights of Sobriety and a Special Thanks

Living life in sobriety doesn’t mean a life free of struggles, but it means one that can be worked out and remedied without the use of drugs or alcohol. With a clear mind, Jessica is able to visit family, enjoy life, and continue to pursue the things she loves.

When asked who she would like to thank, Jessica answered:

I would like to thank my support system: God, my family, my sponsor, and my friends that stuck with me through everything. I am also so thankful for the new friends I have gained on this journey, an old counselor of mine, my amazing boyfriend who is a constant support, and, most importantly, my son, who gives me an even bigger reason for living clean and healthy. I could not and cannot do it without these amazing people in my life.

Jessica’s Thoughts on Fresh Start of California

Jessica’s journey may have been nurtured by Fresh Start of California, but the effort and heart have been hers and hers alone. Nonetheless, Jessica wanted to thank Fresh Start of California. She shared:

Fresh Start of California will always hold a special place in my heart. I know it was God telling me to pick up the phone that day, and I was truly meant to be at Fresh Start of California. It was the foundation that I needed and set my road to recovery in the right direction. I will always be so grateful for everyone that helped me at the facility. I had some rough days, and they were always there to help me get through it and see that there was a light at the end of the tunnel. I am forever blessed for this team. I truly believe I would not be where I am today if I had not begun my journey at Fresh Start of California! So, thank you Fresh Start of California, Dustin, Preston, Lindsey, Lacey and the entire treatment team for believing in me and giving me hope and providing the path to living freely.

Are you ready for a fresh start detox and residential plan? Call our Orange County detox today. Our rehab team in OC is ready to provide you with individualized treatment and hope to pursue a healthier and happier future.

Tristan Humes Surpasses 30 Day in Sobriety–47 to be Exact!

We are proud to announce that Tristan Humes, a 23-year-old, is well past his 30 days in sobriety–47 days to be exact! He has successfully passed both our Orange County detox and residential programs.

Tristan Humes Surpasses 30 Days in Sobriety

Walking Through the Darkness

Tristan’s addiction began when he was just 11 years old. He started experimenting with pills, which graduated to the use of cocaine and crack in combination with pills by the age of 14. In his young teen years, at 16 years old, Tristan started injecting heroin. He was, without doubt, encapsulated by addiction, and this was only the start of Tristan’s downward spiral.

At 20 years old, he was arrested for various criminal charges. Around this time, Tristan was released under mandatory rehab. Unfortunately, still caught in the gloom, Tristan was introduced to meth at 22 years old.

Residual negative side effects followed. Tristan was kidnapped, shot at, and was sought out by bounty hunters numerous times. But, this wasn’t the end for him. He knew that he needed to turn his life around. After 12 years of addiction, Tristan discovered a way out of the dark life he had created for himself.

Up Towards the Light and Into the Future

Tristan was introduced to Preston and Dustin Durnford, owners of Fresh Start of California, along with the treatment team and was immediately placed into Fresh Start of California’s detox program. He followed that program with the residential program. After completing both programs successfully, Tristan began attending the outpatient program at Coastline Behavioral Health.

In just 47 days in sobriety, Tristan has achieved so much. He has developed authentic, healthy friendships and has reestablished relationships with his parents and brother. Now, his plan is to return to school and work in the plumbing trade in hopes of one day starting his own business.

Full of Gratefulness and Thanks

Tristan is full of gratefulness and thanks. When asked who he would like to thank for his journey to sobriety, Tristan stated, “I appreciate the entire treatment team at Fresh Start of California for giving me another chance to come to receive treatment and always showing me love. Fresh Start of California helped me change my life, and they believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. They were always there for me and always treated me with respect. I encourage anybody dealing with addiction to go to Fresh Start of California.”

Just a Note from Fresh Start of California

Tristan, we would like to say how proud we are of everything you have achieved thus far. You came out of the darkness and into the light, and it’s only up from here! We are proud to have you as a brother forever, and we are ready to stand by you in every adventure you take. This is only the beginning.

If you or someone you know is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, contact our Orange County detox right away. We are available 24/7 and accept multiple insurances. Let us give you a fresh start!

It’s a Party: Jacob Moers Hits One-Year of Sobriety!

It’s a Party: Jacob Moers Hits One-Year of Sobriety!

At the age of 16, Jacob Moers started to travel down the path of addiction. By 17, Jacob was completely encapsulated by darkness and controlled by his need for heroin, meth, and other substances. Until the age of 22, he found himself constantly floundering through the journey to sobriety, never making it beyond the 30-day mark.Jacob Moers

The Change

Before it was too late, Jacob found Fresh Start of California, a detox center in Orange County, and began what would be become the greatest feat in his life—sobriety. It was at this point that his life forever changed, and day by day, he became the best version of himself. During this journey, Jacob developed once-in-a-lifetime friendships with people who genuinely want the best for him and nothing from him in return.

Where He is Now

Now, Jacob’s family celebrates his sobriety with him, and all are forever thankful for the time, energy, and resources that Fresh Start of California has invested in him.

Now that Jacob has planted his roots, he shares the gift of sobriety by helping and being of service to others. Undoubtedly, this gives Jacob the greatest satisfaction he has ever experienced, and it is only up from here.

Thanks to all his hard work, dedication, and strength, along with the help of Fresh Start of California and Epic Transformations, Jacob reached his one-year sobriety anniversary on March 14, 2019, and we could not be more proud. On his free time, you can find Jacob helping others, hitting the gym, and enjoying the beautiful life he was gifted.

Special Thanks from Jacob

When asked who he would like to thank the most, Jacob responded:

Preston and Dustin! I can’t thank them enough. I love those guys and look up to them like older brothers. There are very few people I have met out here, let alone in life, who are as good of guys as they are. I just love them. It’s that simple. As far as other support, I live with a group of solid guys who keep me accountable. I still stay in touch with my sponsor, and, of course, none of this would have been possible without my family. I love Fresh Start of California and Epic Transformations. I have pride when I wear their stuff because I love what it means and stands for. To me, it means having real fun in sobriety and getting back to a life that is fulfilling without drugs and alcohol. Once again, I am truly thankful and grateful to be a part of an amazing program ran by two of the best people I know.

A Note From Fresh Start of California and Epic Transformations

Jacob, we are so beyond proud of all you have achieved, and we KNOW the sky is the limit for you. We are proud to call you a brother for life. Keep representing Epic Transformations and Fresh Start of California with all of who you are!

If your loved one is struggling with addiction, do not hesitate to call our Orange County substance abuse detox center right away. Our team can step in and help right away.