It’s a Party: Jacob Moers Hits One-Year of Sobriety!

It’s a Party: Jacob Moers Hits One-Year of Sobriety!

At the age of 16, Jacob Moers started to travel down the path of addiction. By 17, Jacob was completely encapsulated by darkness and controlled by his need for heroin, meth, and other substances. Until the age of 22, he found himself constantly floundering through the journey to sobriety, never making it beyond the 30-day mark.Jacob Moers

The Change

Before it was too late, Jacob found Fresh Start of California, a detox center in Orange County, and began what would be become the greatest feat in his life—sobriety. It was at this point that his life forever changed, and day by day, he became the best version of himself. During this journey, Jacob developed once-in-a-lifetime friendships with people who genuinely want the best for him and nothing from him in return.

Where He is Now

Now, Jacob’s family celebrates his sobriety with him, and all are forever thankful for the time, energy, and resources that Fresh Start of California has invested in him.

Now that Jacob has planted his roots, he shares the gift of sobriety by helping and being of service to others. Undoubtedly, this gives Jacob the greatest satisfaction he has ever experienced, and it is only up from here.

Thanks to all his hard work, dedication, and strength, along with the help of Fresh Start of California and Epic Transformations, Jacob reached his one-year sobriety anniversary on March 14, 2019, and we could not be more proud. On his free time, you can find Jacob helping others, hitting the gym, and enjoying the beautiful life he was gifted.

Special Thanks from Jacob

When asked who he would like to thank the most, Jacob responded:

Preston and Dustin! I can’t thank them enough. I love those guys and look up to them like older brothers. There are very few people I have met out here, let alone in life, who are as good of guys as they are. I just love them. It’s that simple. As far as other support, I live with a group of solid guys who keep me accountable. I still stay in touch with my sponsor, and, of course, none of this would have been possible without my family. I love Fresh Start of California and Epic Transformations. I have pride when I wear their stuff because I love what it means and stands for. To me, it means having real fun in sobriety and getting back to a life that is fulfilling without drugs and alcohol. Once again, I am truly thankful and grateful to be a part of an amazing program ran by two of the best people I know.

A Note From Fresh Start of California and Epic Transformations

Jacob, we are so beyond proud of all you have achieved, and we KNOW the sky is the limit for you. We are proud to call you a brother for life. Keep representing Epic Transformations and Fresh Start of California with all of who you are!

If your loved one is struggling with addiction, do not hesitate to call our Orange County substance abuse detox center right away. Our team can step in and help right away.