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Holiday Self Care: Avoid the Holiday Blues

Protect Your Sobriety During the Winter Holidays Although the holidays are often a time of parties, family gatherings, gift giving and winter activities, this time of year can be difficult for those who suffer from depression, anxiety, or are in recovery. It is an important time to take stock of your feelings and the things […]

The 12 Principles of Healthy Addiction Treatment

Addiction is a treatable yet chronic disease that affects both behavior and brain function. For this reason, treatment centers must acknowledge and include in their programs various concepts to ensure patients move through healthy treatment that is likely to yield successful results. Below, our California detox team has included a list of important principles of […]

Spread the News: September is National Recovery Month!

September is recognized as National Recovery Month. During this time, many organizations, such as the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), and addiction treatment facilities, such as Fresh Start of California, raise awareness about substance abuse and educate Americans that proper treatment can result in healthy and fulfilling lives. In addition, National Recovery […]

Tristan Hughes Surpasses 6 Months in Sobriety!

At 13 years old, Tristan began experimenting with marijuana, which then progressed to the consumption of LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide), shrooms, Xanax, and alcohol. Although he was experimenting with different drugs, Tristan remained a student-athlete, playing baseball through middle and high school. During high school, Tristan suffered an injury during baseball season. As a result, […]

Jacklyn Pelloni Nears 6 Months of Sobriety

At just 12 years old, Jacklyn Pelloni tried her first opioid, a Roxicodone. During her seventh-grade year, she tried heroin. Around that same time, Jacklyn dipped into other drugs, like ecstasy and weed. Thirteen years old came around, and Jacklyn found herself smoking meth for the first time. She returned to smoking heroin by the […]

FSOCA Takes Alumni Skydiving to Celebrate Sobriety Milestones

At Fresh Start of California, we are passionate about celebrating victories, and in our eyes, there is no better victory than that of sobriety. So, how did we celebrate? On Sunday, August 4, Co-Founder Preston Durnford took a group of detox alumni, including Jacklyn Pelloni and Tristan Hughes, to skydive for the first time ever […]

6 Steps to Help Someone with an Addiction

Watching a loved one suffer from a drug or alcohol addiction can be one of the most painful and emotionally taxing experiences. If you are in this predicament, you may be wondering what steps you can take to help. Our Orange County detox and residential treatment team at Fresh Start of California is here to […]

12 Physical and Behavioral Signs of Drug Addiction

If you suspect a loved one is using drugs, it can be extremely difficult to process. You may undergo confusion as to what to do or how to pinpoint if the new symptoms suggest your loved one is suffering from drug addiction or not. For this reason, our Orange County detox and residential treatment team […]

How Quickly Can Someone Become Addicted to a Drug?

Drug addiction develops at different rates for every person. While some can develop an addiction after the first time using, others do not develop the disease until later and after several uses. Although the amount of time it takes for a person to develop a drug addiction varies, there are several factors that can help […]