FSOCA Takes Alumni Skydiving to Celebrate Sobriety Milestones

At Fresh Start of California, we are passionate about celebrating victories, and in our eyes, there is no better victory than that of sobriety. So, how did we celebrate? On Sunday, August 4, Co-Founder Preston Durnford took a group of detox alumni, including Jacklyn Pelloni and Tristan Hughes, to skydive for the first time ever at Skydive Lake Elsinore. Alumni of Fresh Start of California About to Skydive

When asked about the significance behind skydiving with alumni clients, Preston stated:

I think skydiving is great in the beginning of a person’s new life in sobriety or anyone who is striving for a more fulfilling life in general. To push your mind and retrain it to do more exciting things rather than the same old miserable behaviors of their pasts—that’s the goal.

There is something amazing when the clients come and commit to jumping out of a plane with me, knowing I’m right there with them. For them to know that they have a lifelong friendship and bond with Fresh Start of California and that we are all putting in effort towards a more fulfilling and happy life—there just really isn’t anything like it.

While many of the alumni were nervous to jump out of a plane, each was more than thrilled to put it down in the books as one of the wildest rides. The most memorable part of it all was that each of the alumni was able to share their love for sobriety with one another. Where life was once a dark space, it is now filled with adrenaline-rushing and life-changing experiences. Together, and with the ongoing support of our Orange County addiction treatment team at Fresh Start of California, each of these individuals is able to embark on a journey of happiness, meaningfulness, and excitement.

Let’s celebrate life in sobriety together. Call Fresh Start of California at 833.852.3470 and speak with our Orange County detox and residential treatment team about getting help today! Fresh Start of California Alumni at Skydive Lake Elsinore