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The Danger of Isolation in Recovery

Why Supported Recovery Is Important Support groups, recovery staff, sponsors, and mentors help those in recovery to stay accountable, to feel a sense of community, and to know that they are not alone if times get tough. A support network and limited isolation, including the presence of family members at meetings and appointments, helps to […]

Will Insurance Cover Detox and Rehab?

Insurance Coverage for Substance Abuse Treatment and Detox The simple answer to this question is yes, most insurances in California will cover at least a part of your treatment for substance abuse or addiction. Many companies (especially private insurance or established large company insurance) offer coverage for all or part of substance abuse treatment for […]

Why Do People Go to Recovery Centers Far from Home?

Distance and Recovery May Go Hand in Hand At Fresh Start of California, we understand that detox and rehabilitation require clear intent, persistence, and an environment that supports recovery. The distance created in going to a recovery center far from home sometimes allows recovering addicts to have a better chance at success. When you are […]

The Power of Community in Recovery

Community Begins with Rehabilitation at Fresh Start of California Recovery requires strength and courage to walk away from the friends, community, and family that you have been around all of your life. It asks you to begin anew and create a new set of friends, a new life, and a new community. Walking away from […]

Gratitude and Sobriety Go Hand in Hand

Highs and Lows: Learning Gratitude It is said that those who have survived addiction know about the lowest of the lows so much more than those who have not battled addiction. With that propensity of feeling such strong emotion, which often is one of the reasons for addiction, comes the ability to feel strong gratitude. […]