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Will Insurance Cover Detox and Rehab?

Insurance Coverage for Substance Abuse Treatment and Detox

The simple answer to this question is yes, most insurances in California will cover at least a part of your treatment for substance abuse or addiction. Many companies (especially private insurance or established large company insurance) offer coverage for all or part of substance abuse treatment for their members. Most insurance companies are also now required to cover substance abuse treatment by the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Thankfully, California regards substance abuse treatment as an essential health care benefit, so most insurance companies cannot deny coverage. This means that at Fresh Start of California, we may be able to work with your insurance, whether company-based, state-based or private, to make sure that you get the treatment that you need.

Let the team of Orange County detox and rehab specialists at Fresh Start of California help you take the steps you need to start a new life in sobriety. Contact us today to discuss your options.

Factors that Determine Your Coverage

Your addiction treatment coverage and the amount your insurance company provides in benefits depends on several factors. One factor that affects your insurance coverage is the state in which you purchase your insurance policy and your residency status. Each state has a different coverage system and different requirements for treatment services. The second determining factor in treatment coverage is the level of benefits that you choose. The plan you choose will determine the benefits offered, the amount of coverage, the in-network or out-of-network provider options, and lastly, the copays and deductibles.

The Affordable Care Act and Your Treatment Coverage

The Affordable Care Act makes the availability of coverage more accessible and affordable while helping to release the stigma that comes with seeking treatment. The ACA opens up treatment as an option to those who may not have been able to afford it before, or whose insurance did not cover any part of treatment.

Through the Affordable Care Act, all plans that are included within the umbrella of the ACA have agreed to provide coverage for mental and behavioral health services. Substance abuse treatment and detox fall under this category of medical care. With the ACA, the mandated coverage of mental illness helps the underlying issues of substance abuse. It is very common for there to be co-occurring conditions of substance abuse or addiction and mental health conditions.

Contact Your Insurance Provider to Ask About What They Cover

The bottom line is that the majority of insurance companies typically cover treatment of substance abuse including rehabilitation and detox because it is now considered a medical disease. Required treatment options under the Affordable Care Act include inpatient behavioral services, counseling, psychotherapy, behavioral care, and detox. Although some insurance companies put restrictions or requirements on treatments or will inflict strict timelines on their members, it is worth it to look into what is covered and what your options are.

If you are ready to make a change in your life for the better and want to put a stop to your addictive behavior because you know it not what you want for your future, call our team. At Fresh Start of California, we can work with you to create a detox and treatment plan that can work for your specific needs.

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